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Create your own virtual computer network with your friends. By creating virtual network with your
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Jeff Capone
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12 October 2007

Leaf 1.02 review

Leaf, the virtual tool is all set to bring a new revolution in crossing the boundaries of networking.
The advanced tool bypasses all the limitations of your network so that you can establish multiple device networking. This free to use utility with its advanced features will allow you to share multiple networked devices and their services as if they were all on the same LAN. The utility allows you to build a small and secured private network family of your friends and relatives. Within this family you can not only share files and folders, but also all kinds of networked applications and devices. With the unique patent pending technology the user can create personal private virtual networks without the need to configure firewalls or routers. The protocol router plug-ins bridges the network devices to establish hassle free networking.
Create your own virtual computer networking with this tool having simple installation and setup procedures.

Publisher's description

Crossing network boundaries to overcome physical constraints so we can share
these devices and services as if they were all on the same LAN is the next
revolution in networking. For example, you may want to save files on your PC
to a co-worker’s NAS, watch a video off your media center on your friend’s
TV, share a printer with a neighbor, save pictures of your family directly
onto your parents’ PC, play Xbox head-to-head with a classmate and much much
more. In the near future, we will need to create “virtual” [local area]
networks using the Internet that will include devices outside of our
physical LANs and be able to access them simple as if they were on our own
The unique, patent pending technology created and used by Leaf Networks
allows users to create their own personal private virtual networks without
the need to configure firewalls or routers. No matter where a user is – hot
spot, hotel, cafe, office or home – they can still be connected to their
AVAN. Their network devices can be shared using one of many application
protocol router plug-ins offered by Leaf Networks. These protocol routers
bridge network devices between two or more networks without having to modify
the devices. The devices effectively see each other as if they were on the
same local area network.
Users of Leaf Networks’ service will be able to engage in activities outside
of the constraints of their physical LAN environment. They will be able save
their files to the hard drive or NAS of colleagues around the world for
backup, stream video off of their media center on to a friend’s TV, share
printers with neighbors, save pictures of their families directly on to
their parents’ desktops, access important files from their home PC while on
the road, play head-to-heard Xbox games with their friends, and much, much

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